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076 589 6215
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Mobile Business Card

Why the need for our academy came into existence

Marlothii Learning Academy, Impaq Tutoring Centre came into the existence due to a need for a tutoring centre in Lephalale, where children who struggle to learn in a large school setting can receive quality education and guidance as well as preparation for their future.

Children receive individual attention in every aspect of their education to ensure that each child will perform to the best of their abilities. We ensure that every child understands their work to build a solid foundation on which we can build on through the year and the following years to come.

Corney Myburgh (Owner)

The primary focus of the Learning Centre is to provide each child with the means to perform at the best of their abilities and reach their full potential. Not only is it of utmost importance that each child performs well, but we also prepare them emotionally for adulthood.

Our Logo

The first day of school can make any child feel nervous, but anywhere, everyone has to start somewhere to build themselves up to the top. That is exactly what we teach each of our students. You start out as a small, little worm that hatched out of his cocoon, unsure of the world and your abilities. But, at the end of your school journey, through all the harsh ups and downs you experience with friends and teachers, you grow into a butterfly, with beautiful and bright wings, ready to spread your wings in the “big grown up world”.

Here, we teach every butterfly that their wings are strong enough to make a success of their lives.

Reach your dreams, because you can!

Here, at Marlothii, we teach every child to dream big. We teach them to build towards that dream and finally reach it.

We teach children, that is not money or social status that allows people to be who they are, but, rather that hard work pays off. This way, we teach children the reality of making it in the future.

At Marlothii, we don’t just learn, we play too!

We provide opportunities for children to develop other characteristics as well, such as Market days at the end of each quarter, this allows children to develop entrepreneurial skills. Children also get the opportunity to develop their artistic and technological skills.

We also host fun days with competitions where children take part in musical chairs, “bok-in-’n-hok”, stretch, hoola hoop and more, and remind them that even with many responsibilities to excel in learning and developing skills, we can still have fun!

Marlothii’s first focus is thus not on sport, but on each child’s individual emotional and academic wellbeing.

We provide after care services for students from any school as well as transport from the school to our academy.

Children are given individual attention with their homework and learning to ensure that each child understands the work and perform to the best of their abilities.

We offer activity programs during school holidays as well for children whose parents are working during these holidays.